Make Your Entryway Inviting

When you enter a home, the entryway sets the tone for your impression of the entire house.  By enlisting Feng Shui principles, you can make sure your home is a welcoming and positive place to enter for both you and your guests. 

An entryway that is spacious and open is ideal as it creates a space for energy to flow and welcome visitors into your home.  In most new homes, an open entryway is already existing, however, in many older homes the entryway is smaller and closed to the rest of the house.  This does not have to prevent you from creating an entryway that meshes with Feng Shui principles.  Use light colors and mirrors to create the illusion of light and energy bouncing throughout the space.

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: Olga Adler Interiors
As you walk through the door, make sure there is something interesting to look at it.  Draw the eye into the home.  Avoid walking straight into a wall.  Place a table with an interesting centerpiece in the middle of a large entryway or try an eye-catching light fixture.  If a wall does happen to reside opposite the doorway, try placing a mirror or unique piece of artwork so that visitors are greeted with something to look at, a reason to come inside.

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Avoid clutter in your entryway at all costs.  This can make residents and visitors feel psychologically blocked the minute they walk into the home.  It prevents the flow of energy into the home and is an unhappy impression both coming and going.  To clear up inavoidable clutter such as coats, hats, and umbrellas, place a coat rack near the door.  This not only avoids these items from being strewn about the rest of the house, but creates a welcoming attitude for guests the minute they walk through the door.  It conveys a message of "come in and stay a while."

Most importantly, make sure your entryway is an expression of items that make you feel good.  Use bright, light colors that you love.  Incorporate favorite pieces of artwork or sculpture.  Make it a place that is all your own and shows your visitors your personality upon first stepping foot in your home.

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Feng Shui in the Bedroom: A Room to Restore You

Did you wake up rested today? Do you find that your bedroom is the oasis you love to retreat to at the end of the day? The bedroom should be a calming, inviting, restful place to begin and end your day. So if you answered no to either of the questions, then perhaps you may want to consider the following 10 Feng Shui tips to evaluate your space. Hopefully these tips will allow you to create a private sanctuary of positive energy.

1. Place bed in what is referred to as the Command Position, where it provides a clear view of the door so that you are open to receiving the flow of energy.
Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. traditional bedroom
Source: Brown Davis Interiors
2.  Bed should be open on both sides and ideally, underneath as well, so the energy is dispersed equally to both partners.
3. Having windows behind the bed is not ideal as flow of energy above your head can eliminate the ability for a restful nights sleep. If this can not be avoided, the windows should be covered with window treatments that provide the most closure and protection, such as full drapes and/or natural wood blinds.
Source: Patrick J. Baglino Design
Source: Revolution Staging

source: SK Designs
4. Be sure bed is not centered directly below beams, knee-walls or overhead fans. Fans are good for circulating energy but having them directly above the chest or head can disrupt rest. A possible fix: crystals can be hung from beams or fans. It is believed this will help to redirect negative energy away from you.

5. If your artwork conveys images that are in line with what you want in your life, then you have selected wisely. Let the last images you see before falling to sleep work toward manifesting your dreams. And in the bedroom, things should be paired as much as possible.
Source: Domicile Designs
In Feng Shui, the elephant - as with many cultures - is sacred.  
Elephants displayed in the bedroom support long life, love and faithfulness.

6. Mirrors should not be directly across from the bed. Due to their reflective nature, mirrors multiply energy fields and create irritability and discontent. Mirrors that are in this position should be covered during sleeping hours. If you can place one in an area away from direct view, choose a round mirror as it symbolizes unity.

7. Feng Shui principles instruct that water elements should be minimized in the bedroom as they “put out the fire” to romance. The only time a water element is advised is possibly when there is a fireplace in the bedroom, and then it should be near the fireplace in order counteract the excessive yang energy represented with fire.

8. If your bedroom contains a file cabinet and office desk you are definitely ready for a Feng Shui evaluation and redesign! If they must be in the bedroom space, then work to minimize their presence with a divider, curtain or cabinet. Keep the room focused on rest, dreams and romance.
source: New York Social Diaries 

9. Use a dimmer switch on the lighting in your bedroom. While you want to make sure that your bedside lighting for reading is adequate, you also want to make sure there is the option to have very low, ambient light.


10. Use colors that are soothing and peaceful. Blues, calming pastels, and neutrals coincide with calm and relaxation. Bold colors are effective for careful balance of yin and yang energies.
Romantic bedroom traditional bedroom
source: Kate Byer Interior Design
The placement and inclusion of objects and things that surround you can work to either hinder or promote positive energy. If you are surrounded by the wrong things, if there is conflict present or if your surroundings are full of clutter, you are presenting barriers for positive energy.

Make a point to satisfy the senses in your bedroom design. Add luxurious, sensuous and/or natural fabrics (touch), natural oils or aromatherapy (smell), soft music, white noise or sounds of nature (sound), flowers and art (sight)… and think wine and/or chocolate….(taste)

I hope that these tips will help you to create a bedroom you long to spend more time in!

For my local friends and readers, Westford MA Feng Shui Expert, Natalia Kaylin is available for individual consultations and teaches regularly throughout Central Mass.  Natalia can be reached at

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