Las Vegas Market: Was it an Epic Fail?

Well, for my feet it definitely was! As for the show itself, not at all!!

I wore flats, specifically chosen for comfort potential + style - Naturalizers as a matter of fact- but still, after only a few hours on the first day, I was literally close to tears with how badly my feet hurt. When it comes to pain, my feet have a very low tolerance! Darn good thing I didn't wear these...almost grabbed a pair over at Caeser's Palace!

I had so many plans I had hoped to cross off my list on this, my first visit to the Las Vegas Market, but alas, my feet ruled the day and as such, I was forced to leave a bit early on day-one. I returned for day-two though, refreshed and renewed; and wearing sneakers, of course! No, not a fashion statement, but productivity was the priority of the day so fashion had to be pushed aside.

What was FANTASIC at the show, you ask? To see so many on the packed shuttles to the center, seeing so many in showrooms writing business and experiencing the general mood which, in my translation, was positive, upbeat and collectively ready to do some business!

What did  I LOVE?
This chair......
... give me a jingle and we will order one of these straight away for you!
This bedding......

This mirror.....


Scores... when I found specific items for a client; the mirror below satisfied one of those searches.

Unexpected Inpirations.....
Time to raise the level of elegance in your office environment? Don't you think you'd just automatically sit up taller at this desk?


This lamp.....
...........yes, you heard read that correctly, this is a lamp, seen in the Priscilla Presley showroom.

I was surprised I did not see more tangerine, being one of my favorite colors and the 2012 Pantone color of the year. I saw very little. The color I saw over and over was green and a fair amount of purple still showing strong. It was a HUGE market though and I wasn't able to visit every single showroom. I would love to know if others who attended thought the same.


Fabric! Of course fabric always wants to steal my undivided attention. I did well though. I was on a mission for rugs, mirrors, lamps and art, so though I wanted to dive in to every fabric showroom there, I knew I really would have suffered a time sink so I resisted. I did allow myself a quick gander through JAB though.

There was no shortage of fantastic pillows to admire, with this one below from Palecek receiving my vote for Best-in-show. [The picture does not capture it's true beauty; trust me, it is amazing!]


I never made it to the #Withit panel discussions, therefore missed out big-time on meeting some of the amazing, energetic women, such as Julia Rosien, I've been following and dying to meet and Dana, aka @MrsHelm, who was so helpful in answering some of my show questions on Twitter. Huge regrets, wish I could fly-back and/or have a shoe do-over!! Next time!

Planning on attending a big show yourself? Highpoint is not too far away. If it's your first time headed to a new show you are unfamiliar with, I want to share a few tips:
  • Plan ahead, but even at that, realize your plans may go askew! I had the floor plans, showrooms I wanted to visit listed and lined up but even with all that, though I made it to a lot, there was still some I did not get to.
  • If it's your first visit, plan one more day than you are inclined to.
  • Go with or meet a "veteran" show-goer if you can to help you get a hang of the layout and make the best use of your time.
  • Bring time-tested comfortable shoes and don't be afraid to wear sneakers!
  • Have fun!
I have more to share but it will have to wait for another post! Stay tuned!

~ thanks for stopping by, Sarah

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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