Holiday Magic with Scraps!

Have you heard about our Custom Workroom Chats on Twitter, aka #customwrkrmchat? Every Monday at 9:30am EST professional workrooms, along with decorators, designers and installers, "chat" on Twitter for an hour. It is our time of networking, collaborating and educating one another - experiences range from new-to-the-trade, young entreprenuers to those with more than 20 years under their belt. These conversations have ranged from, Pillows - details, design and what contributes to their cost- to the importance of the workorder, understanding how to estimate costs, to where professional workrooms get their training.

 Pillows fabricated by Kristen's Kurtains ; Designer, Eddie Ross

Last week we talked about deadlines, timelines and organization around the holidays. The point was to share ideas with one another that would keep us on schedule and less stressed. The holidays can be hectic for everyone - whether you have a workroom or not and we all need to find ways to stay sane so we ENJOY them. Along those lines, tomorrow we are going to have a little fun and WE INVITE ALL OF YOU TO JOIN US! Tomorrow, our topic is: HOLIDAY MAGIC WITH SCRAPS!
Pillow Ornaments by Storibook Designs
As custom workrooms, we are inundated with scrap fabrics and trims, and well, yeah, we're a bit creative! So tomorrow, we are going to share with you some fun, festive and fabulous ideas for using scrap fabrics around the holidays.

You have great ideas too but you're not a workroom? That's ok, we are inviting every creative to join us. Take some pictures, share a video or tutorial. The more the merrier, so please, bring it!

Maybe you've had this idea rolling around your head for a while but you've never let it get beyond the idea stage. Well guess what? There is no time like the present! I ADD A CHALLENGE.

I want everyone to go in to your workroom, sewing room or fabric stash and grab a chunk of scraps... doesn't matter how big...and then tonight, while watching TV - [preferably while drinking a glass of wine or beverage of choice] - or working quietly somewhere:

Create something fun you can use in your holiday decor.
  • It can be something serious.
  • It can be something off-the-wall.
  • It can be a craft that would be great to do with kids, or
  • It can be a treasure, sweet enough to pass down for generations.
Have fun with it!! Take pictures or even a quick little video and share during #customwrkrmchat tomorrow am!

Ready, set ....... GO!!

To join the chat, I recommend logging in to tomorrow am with your Twitter ID. Then enter the hashtag #customwrkrmchat to join the conversation. Everything you post will automatically be posted then with the hashtag automatically so everyone can follow in on the conversation.

Not on Twitter? It's easy to sign-up, here are a few videos to show you how:
Not on Twitter and not sure you want to join at this time? You can still share you Holiday Magic with Scraps creations. You can send me a note with a link to your Pinterest, Flickr or Facebook pages [or whereever you might have images loaded] and I will share your links with the group.

As always, you will have a transcript of this call available, thanks to the wonderful CurateDe. This will allow you to revisit the conversation and links/photos/videos that will have been shared.

Thanks for joining in! Looking forward to your magical creations!

~ Sarah
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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