Fabric 101: Consider Repeats for Calculating and Cutting

Continuing our discussion [video] from yesterday, now that you know what a repeat is, here is a short video on how to apply it.

Why is it so important to calculate and cut based on the repeat

If you were simply going by the cut length and not paying attention to the repeat, every additional cut you make will be at a different point in the pattern. 

If you calculate and cut according to the repeat, then every cut will be at the exact same point of the pattern.

Next up.... drop repeats. Oooh, now that can be a tricky one! Thanks for stopping by, please share if this has been helpful for you!

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Fabrics 101: Repeat vs. Scale

Repeat? What the heck is that?

Have you ever tried to figure out how much fabric you need to make drapes and had someone say, "well what's the repeat?" 

Umm, hello... what the heck is a repeat!?

The repeat simply refers to the distance measurement equal to where a pattern occurs on to the point at which it repeats itself again. It is critical to know for calculating yardage, so that you can plan to have the same pattern show up in the same place on multiple treatments, centered across the back of a sofa, or throughout multiple widths or treatments throughout a room.  
We recently had a contest on our Facebook page, and the following photo was submitted in a plea for help.  This is probably one of the best pictures that I can show you to illustrate the disasterous results that can occur when you fail to consider the size of the pattern repeat when planning your project.  [Note: not only does the pattern not line itself up next to the other pattern, I believe one of the bouquets is even upside down.]
We had a lively "chat" about this on Twitter the other day. During that discussion - because we were moving so quickly in our conversation - I felt there may have been some confusion relative to repeat vs. scale.  Scale refers to the overall size and proportion of the fabric pattern, whereas repeat, as stated above, is a distinct measurement, used primarily for the purposes of calculating yardage and planning placement. When considering a printed fabric, scale is one of the most important elements to consider. The scale of the pattern design within the room, for example, will play into decisions on what other fabrics, trims and furnishings to mix with each other.

Still unclear? Hopefully, this quick little video will drive the point home!

Let me know if this "lesson" helped. I love to hear your feedback or comments and am more than happy to answer any additional questions you might have too!

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Hi, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fabulous online community of design lovers and design professionals, where you can search for inspiration and even upload your own images. And we find our inspiration in places like this; I love visiting StoriBook Designs to see what Sarah is showing or working on.

Sarah asked me to visit today and write about using pillows and throws in interior design. Easy, peasy, I love both! Both add style and comfort to a space. So here are some of lovely ways of using pillows and throws in décor.

Pair Them!
A throw and a pillow can transform a plain cream wingback chair. Layer them. Love them. Love the two throws over the back of the chair.
Pillows and Throws

Strive for Striking &Sensible!
Pillows bring a bed to life. You don't want to get too carried away (it's easy to do) and over-fill a bed with cute and colorful pillows. You want a striking, yet sensible, mix of pairs and singles [odd numbers work great], like the fabulous Meredith Heron did in this fabulous bedroom design.[and, can I add, the headboard... I drool!]

Pillows and Throws

Indulge in Trends!
Throws and pillows are great ways to bring a hot design trend into your décor. These chevron blankets are so chic and could work in a bedroom or living room.

Pillows and Throws

Spice it Up!
A mix of colorful patterned throw pillows can change the look and feeling of a room. Invest in neutral upholstered pieces and spice them up with clever decorating ideas like pillows and throws.
Pillows and Throws
Make it Pop!
Pillows and throws add color, pattern and texture to neutral spaces, like a white bedroom. Pick a throw or pillows in contrasting colors or bold patterns to add some pop to a bed or sofa.

Pillows and Throws
Renew, Recycle, Refresh!
Look for pillows made from interesting and unexpected materials for added interest. These pillows are made from recycled Kilim rugs.
Pillows and Throws
Seasonal Splash!
Throws can be used to bring a seasonal accent to a room. Fall colors and patterns are perfect for now. Plus a throw is a must on a chilly evening, no matter what time of year.
Pillows and Throws
Texture & Pattern Play!
As in this bedroom design, the well-made bed dressed with patterned pillows and a fur throw add color, depth and warmth. Play around and mix it up for a chic look.
Pillows and Throws

Can't find what you need? Work with Sarah and she'll surely help you design and fabricate fabulous pillows and throws to liven up your space! Enjoy!
Thank you Susie for this guest post and thank you readers for stopping by. Please visit Susie over at Design Shuffle, where you can browse tens of thousands of design projects for inspiration and show off your latest project.
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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