Scaldinos: Sexy and Delicious!

No, a scaldino does not get worn around the neck....

.... though he'd look pretty fab wrapped up in one?

And, no, it is not a delicate pastry.....
....though, I must admit, this looks pretty delish!

Neither of the above are what I'm here to talk about, but fear not, Scaldino's can still be sexy and even - considering the way some use adjectives these days - delicious too! Fabricated in almost anything - from the richest in silks, brocades and embroideries to simple, practical cottons - Scaldino's can offer a range of sensory delights.

A Scaldino, to many of my client's surprise, has been loosely tranlated and adopted as the word for "bed throw or sash that sits decoratively, and/or protectively, at the foot of the bed", from the italian word, scaldini, which means "little heater". 

The original Scaldino was actually a metal or ceramic pot that was filled with hot ash or coal, then slipped under the covers at night, providing warmth to bedrooms that were most often unheated. [If you are really intrigued, there is some interesting history here].

We had one growing up; had I known at the age of eight what my future would bring, I probably would have begged my mother to hold on to it. Ours was much like this one, however boasting a more dulled finish and longer wooden handle.
My mothers' Mom would place hot baked potatoes in it - slip it under the covers before my mother and her sister went to bed, then remove it before they slipped under the covers for a long winters nap. But we're not talking my Mom's Scaldino anymore ....

With current lifestyles and trends, I find my clients are looking for bedding that is easy to care for so very often, the bedding consists of fun duvets, pillows and you guessed it... a Scaldino - loosely translated to "foot warmer" - at the end of the bed. It is all that is needed instead of a traditional [and heavy] quilted coverlet or bedspread.

We're seeing the trend in hotels across the globe too. A decorative strip is placed at the end of the bed to add color, detail and to protect the bed from luggage that is bound to be placed there. When it comes to design, fabrication and styling, Scaldino's really can be as simple and ornate as one wishes. They can be as simple as a banded rectangle, like this one below,

or a bit dressed up like this one here. The Scaldino below has a full skirt and is embellished with trim detail. This was a work-in-progress by a talented designer from the UK, Penny Bruce.

There are endless possibilities. Pair a Scaldino with creative combinations of fabrics, paired with some great pillows and it makes the bed!

Here, I created a Scaldino that is reversible for a client that wanted a more luxurious feel in the bedroom.
The above was inspired by this next one, which has a completely different feel due to the fabric choice.

Scot Robbins of Scot Robbins and Company in Hermitage, Tennesse, is known for elaborate work and detailing. Here though, he chose a more tailored look with a flat banded Scaldino. It's just enough without "speaking to loudly" in this sophisticated space.

Less fabric, clean looks and style as personal as you desire....

via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
 Finally, for something really fun and different, consider ruffles....

So, after all that you ask, "isn't it basically just a throw blanket?". Well, yes, I supposed it can be called that, but doesn't Scaldino sound so much sexier? Makes you want one, doesn't it?
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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