Teaching Textiles at CHFA: are you joining me?

Have you signed up for an-almost-end of summer get-a-way? Before becoming immersed in the hustle and bustle of a busy school year, how about treating yourself to a few days at the CHF Academy?

I've got my flight booked, bags packed and I can't wait! On August 3 - 5, I'll be teaching Textiles and Fabric Coordination. We are going to have a ball! No more color, pattern and textile dilemmas ~ with your new knowledge and way of looking at things you will create design boards that will WOW. And you'll know exactly what fabric is the right choice [beyond aesthetics] for function it will play.

Chatting at CHFA with Melanie Macha Henry 
[Designs by Melanie, Houston, TX]
This class will give you knowledge, skills and confidence that will help you create design boards and vignettes that are spot-on and you will be able to do it faster! No more agonizing and wasting infinite hours to put a collection together. It will also arm you with the language and understanding to better educate your clients putting an end to "the wrong fabric for the job" that causes you stress, frustration and lost time - [and let's face it, we all know time is money] - from additional labor hours.

After this class, fabric selection and coordination just may become the favorite part of your job!! That's how enjoyable it really is! :-)

So who will be joining me? It's not to late to sign up.

Fabulous Fretwork!

I hope you'll enjoy today's guest post, put together by our friends over at the Arcadian Lighting Blog. I love Fretwork myself and think they did a great job putting this post together for our readers. Hope you enjoy!

Seems the design world is having a mad love affair with fretwork. But what exactly is it? Fretwork is a design element characterized by interlaced designs that range from simple, straight lines to elaborately curved and ornamental motifs.  Traditionally, fretwork was seen in metal and wood designs where it was cutout using a saw like a jigsaw or fretsaw.  Thomas Chippendale, the famous 18th century English cabinetmaker, popularized fretwork in his furniture designs, which were distributed and copied throughout England and America.  Inspired by Chinese metalwork and woodwork, these designs are often called Chinese Chippendale.  In metal and wood there are two types of fretwork: open and blind. Open has an open space between the carving; blind is raised but is solid and not pierced.

Today's designers have embraced the fabulousness of fretwork. It can be found on furnishings, fabrics, light fixtures, rugs and home d├ęcor accessories in both bold and subtle colorways and patterns.

Circawho (via)
These antique illustrations of Chippendale chairs show a variety of fretwork patterns on the backs and legs. A combination of straight lines, interlocking elements and curves have inspired countless fretwork patterns throughout the years.

Designed to the Nines (via)
Fretwork and glass cabinet doors have been around since the mid 18th century. This is a modern interpretation in white that feels anything but antique especially with the recessed lights illuminating the beautiful pattern.

House Fabric (via)

This Chippendale fretwork pattern is a simple graphic patterned fabric that would be great on upholstered furniture, curtains, linens or pillows. Pair this with a chandelier to highlight the beautiful pattern of this fretwork.

Simplified Bee (via)

Love the subtle fretwork pattern on this tile. The elegant geometric pattern is sophisticated without being bold.

Crafting a Green World (via)

The elaborate fretwork pattern on this green and white area fabric recalls Victorian ironwork.

Simplified Bee (via)

Like the tile above, tonal wallpaper with a fretwork pattern feels sophisticated. There are so many variations of fretwork patterns.

Nesting Newbies (via)

Love this fretwork rug by Emily Todhunter for The Rug Company. Like all fretwork patterns it has an interlocking geometry.

The Light Archive (via)

Gorgeous fretwork patterned tile from Popham designs. This patterned tile would look amazing in an entry or bathroom.
Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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