Slipping into Slipcovers

Need a change but not sure you're ready for the commitment of upholstery? Or maybe you want the flexibility & option to change the look of your room.

....Or perhaps your style is loose; comfort is the name of the game & traditional uhpholstery just feels too rigid, confined! Just as we love to slip into something cozy and comfy at the end of a long day.... slipping into a slipcover might just as well be the cozy your couch or chair needs!

We all know the wear-n-tear the furniture can take from our pampered pets and children-will-be-children bouncing, throwing, eating, sleeping, crying and .....well, we really don't need to continue. The point is: slipcovers can be taken off, washed and dried (although we do recommend professional dry-cleaning for most covers) - a great melt-down saver when that fruit-punch or red-wine spill happens.

And lets just talk about fit. How's that waistband feeling? Don't you think your sofa wants to let go and let it all hang out sometimes too? One of the greatest attractions to slipcovers is the ability to play with fit and tailoring. We can create covers that are shabby, loose-fitting (and even wrinkled) or we can tailor it to look just like upholstery.

Which Slipcover are you? A tailored fit, collage/mix&match style or shabby chic?

Tailored Slipcover:

Photos above: Stunning slipcover design & fabrication by Leslie Fehling

Photos above: slipcover design & fabrication by Leslie Fehling

Shabby Chic:

So what do you think? Ready to try on a slipcover for size? Take a look at some of our favorite looks and I bet it just might tempt you to redesign a few pieces.

You can add details that most upholstery does not offer, such as bows, buttons, fringes or other embellishments. These are the types of details we infuse into our own designs too, take a peek here: Storibook Designs Gallery.

The length of a skirt and the width of the pleats can make all the difference around the hips, don't you think? Its no different with slipcovers. The styling of the skirt can completely change the look of a piece!

Do you know any slipcover diva's? I do! And I would be remiss if I even thought about writing a blogpost without highlighting the talent and amazing work of Leslie Fehling, of Prosperity Pennsylvania. I consider Leslie the Queen of Slipcovers (and custom couture details). I feel blessed to have been a student of Leslie's at one of her Summerhill Weekend events and I am continuously inspired by her creativity and excellence.

Just take a look through Leslie's albums and you will have to agree with me that the level of detail she puts into her work is awe-inspiring, as showcased below.

Photos above: slipcover design & fabrication by Leslie Fehling

Check out more designs at Leslie's artistry in her Picture Gallery.

For information on her Summerhill Weekends:

And we are quite proud of our own work as well, so don't forget to take a peek in our Gallery too!Here are a few pics from those albums:

And what about you? If you have some inspiration slipcover photos - your own work or "loves" that you've seen elsewhere and bookmarked, share the links. We'd love to be inspired by you too!

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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