Six Ways to Feng Shui in the Kitchen

Continuing on my Feng Shui theme, I thought we would move right along in to the kitchen.  The source of food, and therefore health, the kitchen represents nourishment, health in body and relationships, and prosperity.
Photo: House Beautiful
#1: Kitchen Placement
A kitchen should be placed towards the back of the house to encourage the heat and the prosperity that comes from cooking to remain within the house.  The kitchen should not be placed towards or in line with the front door.  You want your guests, and positive energy, to come in and stay a while.  An eating area that has a direct line to the door is believed to create an opportunity for illness and loss of wealth, while also causing a rushed sense, discontent, and desire to leave quickly.

While thinking about fabulous kitchen designs to showcase here, the work of Olga Adler immediately came to mind.  An incredibly talented designer who works both nationally and abroad, Olga combines delicious aesthetic and natural adherence to Feng Shui principles.  Who wouldn't love to begin and end their day in this kitchen? Her design offers great flow, energy and light.  I feel an energy surge just in admiring the pictures; having this kitchen in the back of my house would be a dream! 
Photo: Olga Adler Interiors
#2: Stove Placement
The stove placement is critical in making your kitchen work with Feng Shui principles.  Ideally, the cook should be in the most commanding position in the kitchen; he or she should be able to see the doorway while preparing meals.  In most homes, this would mean putting the stove at an island in the center of the kitchen, although that is not always possible.  For this reason, islands or prep areas that give the cook a view of the whole room, and allow the cook to converse with family and/or guests while working, are so commonly recommended.  If your stove faces a wall, placing a mirror on the wall above the stove provides a view of the rest of the room, as well as the benefit of the reflected energy.  I can't really see putting a mirror there myself, so if you are with me in that thought, I would consider and recommend tile with a high glaze sheen instead.

#3 Feng Shui Elements
Fire elements, such as the stove and microwave, should be kept separate from water elements, mainly the refrigerator and sink.  When this is not possible, neutralize the fire-water interaction by placing a green element, a plant or green rug, between these conflicting appliances.
Photo: Elle Decor
#4: Color and Light
Color is always an important aspect of Feng Shui design.  Choose colors that encourage heat and prosperity.  Yellows, reds, pinks, and oranges are great kitchen color choices.  If possible, choose a light color, such as white or pale yellow, for your cupboards.  Because they are such a large part of your kitchen, you do not want them to look heavy while hanging overhead.
Use different levels of lighting to create a sense of energy throughout the kitchen.  Do not limit yourself to one bright overhead light.  Use smaller task lights and counter lighting as well.

#5 Accessories and Dinnerware
Mirrors are always a positive element to bring into a room as they reflect and increase the energy and prosperity produced in the kitchen.
Display fresh fruit or small potted herbs to encourage the nourishment and uplifting energy that comes from the kitchen.

Feng Shui can even help you select the dishes in your kitchen.  Round dishes create a harmonious flow of energy, while square dishes slow down your eating.  Blue is good for dieters, while orange and red stimulate the appetite. (Actually on the fence with this one; I may go and intentionally buy some square blue plates!)
Photo: Coastal Living
#6: The "Don'ts"
There are also several Feng Shui "don'ts" to keep in mind.
  • Do not display sharp elements such as knives or scissors.  This creates conflict and anxiety.
  • Do not display large pots and pans overhead.  This creates an overwhelming, heavy feeling for those in the kitchen.
  • Do not live with chaos. As with all rooms, keep the kitchen as clutter free as possible.  Discard of broken appliances and dishes immediately. Keep cabinets and drawers organized.  When possible, keep like items together.
Photo: Sunset Magazine
Using Feng Shui in your kitchen will create a prosperous, energy filled beginning to your day and will bring your family together over meals shared in a kitchen filled with nourishment for both body and soul.
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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