Pride in your Picasso: Decorating with Kids’ Art

Think the only spot for your children’s artwork is on the fridge? So last decade. Besides, the stainless steel or wood panel isn’t making friends with your magnets anytime soon. So how do you incorporate your budding Picasso’s creations into your home without making your home look, well, like a Picasso? (And no, we are not talking about a trip to Home Depot for clothesline or wire). Check out these very cool looks—art created from art—that are meaningful, look great and work in any room of the house.

Add a little whimsy in sophisticated spaces. You can’t help but feel the happy! (And the same goes for the fabric on the drapes.) 
Gallery Glam: Love this family portrait series displayed in a Paris apartment. Makes me smile, you? And it was a genius decision to frame them as one, so think about that when your appraising your child’s work.  It suits the scale of the sofa, light fixture, and art and tone of the room.
Rotation Gallery:  Plan for change. Pictures hung on rings with clips can be changed out weekly, decide...or, better yet, help in their development and let the kids decide.
Clustered Collection: Six same-size floating frames display artwork of various sizes as the bold paint color peeks through. No need to worry about mattes (and changing out artwork is a snap)! The series in blue offers a variety of shapes within standard frames and looks fantastic with warm yellow.
Cut-out Creations: Another cool idea…one of our favorites actually. If your little one doesn’t mind, get creative yourself. Consider this a green approach—reusing art to create art. Cut those drawings, scribbles, and finger paintings into new images. We’re digging the animals in this photo, but think of the possibilities…teacups for the kitchen, a little toilet for the bathroom…okay, getting ahead of ourselves.

And if you like the shapes above, Sarah has been extremely gracious, providing templates at the link above!

Below is another fantastic concept.  Take a look - sorry, its the best shot we've got - at the tiny images.  Yup, its a collection of thumbnails created from scans. This custom piece by Jan Eleni Interiors displays an assortment of your kid’s (or kids’, as the case may be) art. How cool is that? They work with each piece individually to incorporate it into an original masterpiece, and all original artwork is returned to you. Win, win! Love, love!
And one last thought to inspire you.  There is another great company that is converting kids art to "real art": Its a fantastic idea for finding the perfect artwork for the bedroom, playroom or even your office!
Note:  Child labor laws don’t apply, so think about commissioning your little Picasso to create some custom art for you. Grab the Crayolas—crayons, markers, or (gasp) paint—and let him/her go for it. You can even cut paper to your desired sizes before h/she gets started. Kids love putting a mark (literally) on the home and you’ll love the confidence s/he’ll gain.
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
At Storibook Designs we create custom designs by hand; here it is not just sewing, it is art!