Interior Inspirations from My Web Favs: Material Girls

Need to add a little punch to the spaces in your house? Whatever your style, whatever you're looking for to add that something extra to your home, Material Girls has it covered.

They've received much acclaim and working together, they continue to keep readers coming back for more.  Some of the things that have me listing their blog as one of my top picks include the following:

Cross-Country Coverage. How nice is it to have 5 super-savvy designers out there hunting down the fabulous for us?  Click on a specific metro - Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, or New York - and you will be delighted with what each area has to offer.   
    From Dallas:

    From Houston:  Lauren really got my attention with this pick!

    From Los Angeles: Jill highlights some of the stunning finds from Calypso Home

    From New York: a tour of the Rustic-chic restaurants of our favorite city! .... the slipcovered stools have great vintage charm

    From Chicago: Julia shares her new home (work-home that is)... wouldn't you love reporting to work here?

    Latest & Greatest. This blog is recognized for introducing readers to up and coming designers, whether it be showcasing their work in a post or talking about the new designers they have met at events. We all enjoy being in-the-know and able to watch the rise of our future design stars! Well, this one below is not so new.... it's a design from the much adored Nate Berkus... but, they were hot on his trail right from the beginning! Keep checking out their blog and you are sure to stay on top of new designers and/or products that are on their way to reaching the same kind of recognition.


      Furniture Friday. I love this feature! If you already know what type of furniture piece you want to see images of, click on the Furniture Friday tab to get a list of all different pieces. Once you've decided if you're looking for an ottoman, coffee table, wing chair, or any of the other possibilities, browse through the images to find furniture that speaks to you and inspires you.

        Filters:  If searching by metro is not enough of a filter, jump on over to categories and filter to your hearts content.  No doubt about it, Material Girls has great ideas for styling your home. Here are some things that caught our eye while browsing the site via their simple search feature (upper left) and category search features.
          Simple search = "bedrooms"

          Category Search = "Furniture Friday", Dining Tables
          Category Search = Dallas, Bed & Bath

          So what do you think of Material Girls?  Have I introduced you to a great new source of design inspiration or were you already a fan?   As you can tell, I think they are doing a pretty great job.  Of course, I would like to see some Boston coverage too... ahem... hint, hint..... but even with out Beantown beauty as a regular feature, the gals are always keeping us in-the-know with great design and finds!
          As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


          1. I love the little girl's pink check/floral bedroom! And definitely waiting to see some Beantown inspiration from these gals!

          2. Thanks Tuuli; that bedroom is amazing! Heck, I'd like it for myself even now!! :-)

          3. LOVE that mirror and the vanity....I could definitely enjoy seeing those everyday!
            Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!
            Have a beautiful day~
            ;-D Kathleen

          4. I was looking to see if those furry pillows had eyes and a tail !

          5. Funny, I hadn't thought of that but now that you mention it... :-)

          6. Very talented ladies! There is nothing like a great statement piece in a room. If you are ever in Ridgefield Connecticut, friends of mine own an awesome store, Olley Court (website exquisite pieces

          7. I'll check that out Michele. I haven't been to Ridgefield in years. I used to be a sales rep so I was in Connecticut regularly. I do miss that b/c CT is a beautiful state!

          8. That Decorpad bedroom is terrific. Love the idea of benches at the end of each twin bed. I will be re-doing my triplets room in the near future...wonder if this is a design they would like?? Of course, those pretty little benches would end up covered with LAUNDRY!!

          9. I agree (obviously), that room is stunning! Must be amazing to have triplets Debra. Do they have similar taste or are they opposites? I hope the former b/c I can't imagine how difficult it must be to make the decisions for the room if they are not on the "same page". (would be a good blog post for you though, wouldn't it?:-))

          10. Beauty, especially the first photos

          11. Just found your post- we are so completely flattered! We can't thank you enough for your kind words!! I am so glad you found our blog and hope you keep coming back for more inspiration (and hopefully another city will be in our future :)!
            Emily @ Material Girls


          Did I ever tell you how much I love your comments? I really do love hearing your thoughts after reading posts? Lets me know people are reading and helps us keep the conversation going!! ~ Thank you!

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