Wine, Design...And You!

Do you love combining wine and design? Me too! That's why I love my [the original] Wine and Design Events. You provide the venue (your home, typically) and wine; I provide the design. Sound like a fun way to get together with friends? Read on!

If you're interested in home decor, understand that quality makes a difference, and want to learn about what "custom" really means (and what's available), then you will love hosting a Wine & Design event! Wondering whom to invite? Wine & Design guests fall across a spectrum. Some may be potential customers who schedule a decorative consult the next day! Others might want to order custom draperies, slipcovers, or upholstery. Others may simply love the opportunity for a night out - "another glass of wine, please" - and just "file" the information away for a future date if custom isn't on their "need right now" list of priorities.

Photo description: Storibook Designs
pillow face sample showcasing fusible applique technique

No matter where they're at, everyone enjoys the creative ideas and new-found understanding of what custom really means and is. Seeing and touching the product is the best way to do that; it's the only way to really showcase custom workmanship and fine detail.

Photo description: Storibook Designs
Embellishment sample showcasing fabric origami technique

People don't have to feel like they have to place an order, though. No; that's not what this is about. This isn't a Tupperware party, and I say this with no disrespect (because I love my Tupperware). These events are a chance for me to share things I love -- enjoyable events where I often make new friends, new "fans," and yes, some new customers.

So what are my requirements? I just ask that at least six homeowners be in attendance. And since I can't legally provide the wine, that one's up to you, too. That's it!

As a fabulous incentive for hosts, I'm so excited to offer up to 50% off the labor of a gorgeous custom ottoman -- a huge savings! I can't think of anyone who couldn't use and enjoy a custom ottoman. Can you?!

So do you think hosting a Wine and Design event is for you? Please send me a note at if you're interested so we can get your date on the calendar!
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
At Storibook Designs we create custom designs by hand; here it is not just sewing, it is art!