Teaching Textiles at CHFA: are you joining me?

Have you signed up for an-almost-end of summer get-a-way? Before becoming immersed in the hustle and bustle of a busy school year, how about treating yourself to a few days at the CHF Academy?

I've got my flight booked, bags packed and I can't wait! On August 3 - 5, I'll be teaching Textiles and Fabric Coordination. We are going to have a ball! No more color, pattern and textile dilemmas ~ with your new knowledge and way of looking at things you will create design boards that will WOW. And you'll know exactly what fabric is the right choice [beyond aesthetics] for function it will play.

Chatting at CHFA with Melanie Macha Henry 
[Designs by Melanie, Houston, TX]
This class will give you knowledge, skills and confidence that will help you create design boards and vignettes that are spot-on and you will be able to do it faster! No more agonizing and wasting infinite hours to put a collection together. It will also arm you with the language and understanding to better educate your clients putting an end to "the wrong fabric for the job" that causes you stress, frustration and lost time - [and let's face it, we all know time is money] - from additional labor hours.

After this class, fabric selection and coordination just may become the favorite part of your job!! That's how enjoyable it really is! :-)

So who will be joining me? It's not to late to sign up.
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