Is #customwrkrmchat of Value to YOU?

When I started #customwrkrmchat my goal was to bring designers and workrooms together more collaboratively for purposes of networking and education. We have had some great topics and discussions, that is a fact. I’m not convinced the initial goal has been met, however, and am looking to all of you for feedback and candid thoughts.

Would you miss the chat if we were to discontinue it? There is a considerable amount of effort that goes in to maintaining the chat, aside from the hour of dialogue that takes place during the live chatting. I need to know if there is enough perceived value to all of you to know whether or not continuing is warranted. [I will not be offended, so please, be honest].

Here are my questions:
  1. Do “chats” still work or are we over-inundated with webinars, after-hour meetings and chats already?
  2. Are there specific content areas that you see as necessary for proactive dialogue between artists/fabricators/workrooms and interior designers and decorators?
  3. Does the time need to change back to mornings or alternate weekly between am/m or should we pick one time and stick with it?
  4. I felt that the #customwrkrmchat content differed from conversation taking place on other design-focused chats. Am I incorrect?
    • Does the content feel redundant?
    • Is the content less relevant?
  5. If you feel the chat is one to continue, do you have any suggestions to grow participation?
As you consider these questions, you may want to review topics that we’ve covered over the last year. With the exception of the first three, held in September of 2011, they are all listed with CurateDE.

Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to provide your candid thoughts and insights to this query!

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