Rumpus Rules: Deciding between One Cushion or More?

There are so many things to think about when it comes to upholstery and one of them is the number of seat cushions to order for a sofa.
  • Does the size of the rump or rumpus activity that the sofa will be exposed to matter? 
  • Is the sofa for looks or for serious lounging? 
  • Will one person tend to "claim" the sofa or will it be most often shared by several? 
I kid you not, all of these things are valid to consider when trying to decide on going from one to two or three cushions to a long single cushion.

The Pro's:
  • A single cushion is great for sleeping on because there won't be any cording or gaps between cushions to cause discomfort. Let's face it, if your goal is to purchase a sofa - or create a window seat - for lounging and napping, the one-cushion route just may be your preferred option.
  • It just looks nice! On many styles - a camel back sofa, for example - it is often just more aesthetically pleasing with one cushion.Clients sometimes get stuck on thinking that the number of back cushions must equal the number of seat cushions. You can see here, that is not the case.
The Con's:
  • Sometimes a foam cushion, depending on the density and amount of regular use it gets, has a tendency to wear more quickly in the center, causing the ends to pop up a bit on a long cushion. Consider the type of use your sofa will get. If you have this concern, there is always the option of clips to secure cushions to main body of sofa.
  • The most critical, in our mind, is the activity level of the household. There is a possibility the cushion may get soiled. With multiple cushions, you can replace just one. On a large cushion, if there is a damage or soil, the entire piece will need to be replaced.
So what is your position on this? What will work better for you, single or multiple cushions?

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If you are ready to forge ahead on your own, you may also find our previous posts on what to look for when purchasing a sofa here and here quite helpful. If it's pure eye-candy inspiration you want; hop on over to our curated sofa board on Pinterest.

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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