Shed-tastic! Your Great Escape is ...where?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what if? What if you could purchase a perfectly fitting swimsuit online? What if your morning coffee could make itself? What if you could win mega-bucks ...ahh, I digress!  But here is a realistic dream and it seems a pretty simple one.  What if, like Virginia Woolf suggests, you really did have a room of your own? Away from everyone else in your house? 

It doesn't necessarily need to be in or attached to the home though.... did you think of that?

Yes, this is what I'm talkin' about... what about sneaking away to your shed? Yes, your shed. Take a look at what some folks have done to transform their once-purely-utilitarian space... who knew what a shed could be?  You'll be planning a shed remodel (or building anew) stat!

Granted, the shed below was converted into a guest house for a San Francisco home, but even if you aren't planning for guests, can you see yourself worthy of such luxury? .... Yes, of course you can.

BEFORE - Looking especially bleak in black & white

AFTER - Um, yeah, I could be perfectly content as a guest here!

Designed by Jeremy Levine Design, this green guest house conversion features an amazing bathroom.

I love the thinking of these folks.  They re-designed their sheds for entertaining. A place to entertain, wine & dine; what do you think about having your own little pub?

To the untrained eye, its a simple shed......
but take a look inside... its a pub.. its a party!

This next shed is just too cute -- definitely a getaway from life's chaos. Not sure what's with the rainboots, but if it does indeed rain, you'll adorably coordinate with your surroundings!

Here is another great "shed" that also has an element of dollhouse fantasy, however a bit more bold.  In either space, it really does give the sense of a weekend at the cottage!  Embrace escape!

This funky shed won International Shed of the Year in 2009. Oh yes, there's a competition for sheds. The shed people know their stuff. To be fair, this wasn't a conversion, but instead was built by an architect and his painter spouse (hence, the studio space). The exterior is a work of art in itself.

I often joke with my husband when he is on my nerves - or I on his, I admit it -  that I need an apartment to sneak off to.  I don't know why the thought escaped me, all we need is a shed!

So if, indeed, you could have a room shed of your own, how would you use the space? Office? Personal gym? Spa retreat? I'd love to hear how you would indulge!

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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