Are You a Band Leader?

Banding from companion fabrics and used as trim to draperies, adds definition and contrast and is used in many applications, from pillows, cornices, to valances. One of my favorite ways to use is on draperies. A simple drapery .....with banding - simple no more. Impact!

A simple gold drapery with an 8" band on lead edge and hem is suddenly amazing:

A simple box valance and drapes make much more of a statement with the banding detail added:

Otherwise plain white drapes make a strong statement with the navy band set in on lead edge:

See what I mean? Impact.

Take a look at this roman shade from Jane Churchill's line, Flower Fairies™ collection. Although the primary shade fabric, appropriately called Blossom Flower Fairies, is stunning, alone it just wouldn't have as much appeal as it does now trimmed with a yellow band and ric rac [yes, you heard that right, ric rac.. it's baaack]. I can't imagine this shade any other way. Sweet perfection [as is pretty much the end result of anything with the Jane Churchill signature]!

 Jane Churchill

The bands on these bedroom drapes really bring the bed to life to truly make it the vibrant centerpiece that it is. While the turquoise is certainly repeated on the ceiling, I even love the step stool. As small as it is, it really grabs my eye and draws more attention to the curtains.

Another designer I have long admired is Phoebe Howard. Breathtaking and timeless style, she was top of mind when I thought of finding banding used in high-style. I love her aesthetic so much because she never denies a space its full potential when it comes to fabric and custom window treatments. Gotta love her for that!
Now this room below is definitely leader of the band! How much do you love it? The solid red band defines the drape from the sheer and balances out the more bold print on the bed throw. Love it! 

This next room comes from a magazine clipping I saved from years ago and then scanned, which you can obviously tell from the slant to the picture.. not to worry, you aren't suffering from vertigo.. its simply bad scanning on my part. I absolutely love (LOVE) this space. This treatment adds a serious "wow" factor and the light fixture is so perfect too. I wonder which came first, the light fixture or the treatments? What do you think? 
Source Unknown

Another that I'm over the moon for is this:

Source: Unknown

Seriously, can you stand it? I think this room is perfection [note the amazing wall detail!!] and am only sorry to say that I do not remember what magazine I saved this page from either. This torn page is another that has been in my binder for quite some time. If you know the source, please alert me and I will gladly and willingly share. Bravo to this designer!!

So, tell me, are you ready to strike up the band? (Wink, wink.) If you have something simple that is feeling rather ho-hum, can you jazz it up with some banding? Take note, what's great about some of the trim styles I'm showing you is that they can be added to treatments you already have. They're a great way to give your room a whole new look.

I hope you're looking at trims and treatments in a whole new way with these posts. As promised, there is more to come! 

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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