Decorative Trims: Strike a Cord!

Next on our tour of trims comes decorative cord. (I'm starting to feel like a tour guide. Someone get me a bus and a microphone!) Cord trim is...well...a cord. I've pulled small samples from the Storibook Designs gallery to show you the interesting patterns that can be created, from traditional to funky!

I pretty much always use some type of cord trim, because it finishes the treatment and emphasizes its shape. But as you surely know, these trims aren't just for window treatments, so let's strike a cord and take a look at some other possibilities!

In this image, the trim perfectly accents a chair cushion, giving it a polished, finished look. You do want to be careful when using in this fashion if it is a piece that will get a lot of use. A corded edge on a cushion if you have a cat, for instance, can sometimes be an irresistible invitation for play.

Michael Whaley Interiors via Samuel & Sons

But if gentleness is the use your piece will be cared with, its a look I highly recommend. In this bathroom designed by Charlotte Moss, I love the cord trim on the chair cushion because it frames the boxing detail so nicely. Of course, the room itself gives much for the eye to land on (chandelier over your tub, anyone?)!
 Charlotte Moss via Veranda

Can you say, Wow! I love using contrast trim in upholstery and this shows you exactly why! This banquette in the showroom of Lora Piana Interiors is a total stunner. How lifeless it would be without cord trim. It is the perfect example of using cord trim to emphasize shape and/or add drama to an otherwise simple silhouette!
 Loro Piana Interiors via Veranda
In this room by Phoebe Howard, the scalloped valance trimmed with welting (custom-made cord covered with fabric) finishes the look and provides just enough of a break from all the blue. I bet you're not surprised to learn that this space is in a waterfront home!

Layering trims is always an interesting option too. This combination of trims -- two rows of bobble fringe with cording between -- adds amazing dimension and texture to these draperies.


Well, that's the stop on this leg of the tour. Oh...and don't worry -- there won't be a quiz on trims at the end of the road. So as your planning your next design project, I hope this travel through trims will cause you to consider adding some fabulous details when you're working on your next project. 

Next up? Beading! Hope you'll come along! Before that though, I'm going to give you a break from trims and take you on another journey. Look forward to tomorrow when I share my first post with you about my 3-day Inspired Design Tour -- Blogfest 2011, sponsored by Kravet and Lee Jofa.
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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