Decorative Trims: Beaded Bedazzlements

Can you tell I had trouble coming up with a great title for this post? Got you this far though, so I guess I did pretty well. Now, the trick is to have you keep reading. Please, let me bedazzle you with a bit about beads.

Is it just me or do you agree, that beads add something special and have a way of captivating the eye? Wherever you find them, beaded trims add softness and feminine, elegant appeal. I had a young client in not long ago and she immediately walked over to a treatment and said, "I really love this... is that tacky?" Absolutely not! Another very young client was too cute, as I showed her fabrics she kept turning around and looking behind her in the studio. Finally, after I was done she said, "can I have one of those with the beads on it?" From the minute she walked in, it had captured her attention.

If you've been following the blog, you already know that yes, I love trim, and in that category is beaded trim. If you go through my shop, you'll see many, but in case you have not I pulled some pretties on over here.

When done up to the nines on grand scale, beading can be flashy and glamorous. Lucky for you, you don't have to don the beading and fringe a la 1920s fashion if it's not your thing. Your home is a great place to take some risks -- small or large -- and try out some jewelry-like design elements to suit your style, that can be anywhere from quiet to ostentatious, you decide.

The trim on these pillows fits the "quiet" appeal, I think, especially so as done in subtle tonal hues. They create such a soft, almost ethereal, and definitely feminine look. They'd be pretty plain-Jane without the trim, don't you agree?

Samuel & Sons (Lori Weitzner)

I love, love, love beaded trim on the lead-edge of drapes [yes, that is the lingo for the edge of the drapery that faces the center of the window... lead edge]! They provide an excellent contrast to the visual weight of the tassel tieback and add a little brightness and lightness. This photo is another image from one of the most delightful showrooms in New York: Samuel and Sons. For you non-sewing readers, their showroom brings to me, the equivalent of a "kid in a candy store" feeling! Take away the trim changes the whole feel, in my opinion, immediately making the drapes more masculine and weighty. And I am absolutely in love with the trim that the Canadian, Studio La Beaute used on the ivory panel below. Elegance defined!

I can hear your "Wowww" over here, as you scroll your eyes over this next image. It's fantastic, isn't it? I can immediately think of about seven clients who are going crazy over this right now. It's a fabulous creation from Sonya Hamilton Interiors. The flat braid trim paired with the beading adds the perfect complement to the fabric [awesome on its own; beyond awesome with the contrast!]. This wouldn't work as well if it weren't for the solid chocolate fabric above the trim. What feels whimsical and fun would probably feel a lot busier with all pattern.

Here's a space designed by Phoebe Howard in a waterfront home. I love the addition of wooden bead trim on the bottom edge of the valance to add an earthy appeal. I know its difficult to see it clearly, but I think you can tell enough that the trim is just enough to break all that pattern.

So what do you think? Is it high time we bedazzle some goodies in your home with beaded trim? Is it something you'd like to try? The great thing about beading is that it can added to treatments or pillows you already have, whether custom or ready-made, creating a truly unique look. Let's go for it! I'd love to help you jazz things up a bit!

Get a group of your friends together to see trims up close and personal, by hosting one of our Wine & Design Events. We can focus your W&D event specifically on "transformations with trim", if you so desire. Send me a note, or call me at 978-230-2239, and we can set a date!
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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