It's Official: I've Got Too Much on My Plate!

Why do we do this to ourselves these days? So many of us are guilty of this; too few are expert at avoiding the issue. You know it. Too. Much.On.My.Plate! You have probably experience it yourself!

Business: appointments, fabrication, social media, content creation, communications, paperwork.... need I go on?

Personal: eat, sleep, meaningless conversations, fitness, fun.... why does it feel impossible to fit this all in?

So I admit it. I'm juggling and struggling, working on balance. In the meantime, while I'm off balance, I hope you'll cut me some slack!

I've got some great Dining by Design features coming your way and so much more; I just need three assistants, about 7.25 hours to everyday and a way to figure out how to get my kettlebell swings in while I sleep. Since I don't foresee any of that magically happening in the near future I must revert back to my earlier request.... slack, please!

How about you? Is there too much on your plate too? How do you fit it all in these days?

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
At Storibook Designs we create custom designs by hand; here it is not just sewing, it is art!