Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Topper!

Decorating for the holidays gives you ample opportunity to express your personal style, start or continue family traditions, and truly make your home a festive, comfortable place to simply relax, enjoy, and spend time with loved ones.

If you choose to add a tree into the decor mix, you undoubtedly face an important question: to top or not to top? Some claim that a tree is not a tree without a topper -- that the topper is, in fact, the icing on the cake..the cherry on the sundae. Sure, there are some beautiful trees out there that go topper-less. But rather than debate the issue, let's take a look at some pretty cool toppers, both traditional and well, zany to say the least!

The star...a classic. Perfect for a traditional look in a traditionally styled home. You can't go wrong with a star. From elegant to rustic, sparkly to down-home, star toppers come in all varieties to suit your decor. Are you a star person?

  Traditional Home via Knotting Hill Interiors

Here's a creative take on a traditional topper: seemingly homemade bells garnished with holly!

Bunches of fresh holly and large gold temple bells top this tree for a bold use of traditional materials and color.

This mini-tree takes prominent position in front of those gorgeous windows. Works great with the ceiling's height and the glass finial topper draws the eye up to those beautiful moldings!

Now on to a few funky options! Check out this disco ball! Yes, disco ball! It's hung from the ceiling and hovers directly over the tree's top. See the second picture for a close-up! I wouldn't have thought disco ball for a tree topper but it really works for this one. And need I draw your attention to the turquoise?

Southern Living via Knotting Hill Interiors

A disco ball hangs from the ceiling and floats just above the crown of the tree. A bow with long ribbon tendrils gives this tree-topper a real wow factor.

Granted, it's a star, but made out of sheet music. How's that for adding a personalized touch to your holiday decorating? Have a musician in the family? Simply love music? Why not consider creating your own topper to reflect your family's hobbies or interests?

Music Star Tree Topper

Okay, this one might be a little too out there for my personal taste, but I just had to share it. Peacock feathers! We can only see a little of the tree's trimmings in this image, but it's easy to tell that the feathers fit right in. Do you go this bold in your design?


And speaking of bold, here's another take on the star theme...except it's a clock. Perhaps a nod to a new year about to roll on in, this tree is literally decked out in clocks and coordinating traditional ornamanents.

And for the word-lover, an initial letter topper might be the perfect fit. Love that the tree itself appears fairly traditional in style with a few letter pops throughout, including a fun "ho ho" to greet the jolly man himself!

And if you're an animal lover with a best friend like I do, maybe you've thought about a topper like this one. I love my little guy, but not sure I could go this far! How about you?

So what do you think? To top or not to top? And how do you top? Would love to hear from you and see pictures of your results. Visit the facebook page of Storibook Designs and post a photo of your tree. The most beautiful tree may win a prize!
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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