Toddler Decor for the Rest of Us

Michelle, from Peas Out Mama, is back, sharing some ideas for accessorizing with her son's books and toys to keep her valuables safe from her toddler. Take a read, I love her ideas as much as I enjoy her amusing style of expression.  As always, we'd love to hear your ideas, too!

In my last guest post, "Living With a Toddler in Your Living Room," I bemoaned my bare tables. Those poor, sad tables, accesssory-less, longing for some love and affection. After seeing a stack of my son's books hanging out on our living room end table, I became inspired and set out on a mission to find ways to intentionally incorporate his stuff into my home decor. After some careful book selection, I came up with this. Granted, it doesn't look anything like this as I type these words, but the idea is still there!

Board books kinda rock. No, seriously, who would've thought that Goodnight Moon made such a fabulous, functional coaster for a Super Bowl pina colada? Not that I'd know.

I then moved on to blocks. I love blocks. A lot. Like more than my kid. I grabbed a not-so-much used wooden salad bowl and voila!

Then on to Legos, also loved more by me. I took this beautiful basket (received as a wedding gift) out of the cabinet. I don't think this piece was intended to house Legos, but hey, things don't always end up as planned.

Just for kicks, I tried accessorizing my mantel with toys. I really like the results (stacking rings, Thomas the train, a sensory ball, and a glass vase filled with colored blocks), but they were oh so temporary. My son spotted it all and immediately started in with his demands: Want it! Want it! Also, the colors don't really work for my living room, so I was happy to oblige. Still, I think it's pretty cute.

In a quest to find some other ideas, I stumbled upon this. I have a thing for building toys (if you haven't noticed) and think this would look uber cool on a coffee table!

Or how about this next one? These look like vintage trucks probably not for playing with at this point, but could you imagine the fun factor with your kids' own trucks?

via Flickr

And here's another block display I love. Probably not something you'd let your shorty get her mitts on, but on a mantel or dining room table, it'd look adorable. I'm digging the muted colors, too.

Not feeling confident that displaying your tea set in reach of your kids or grandkids? My mom learned this lesson the hard way when my nieces and nephews had their way with her silver service. Yikes. Well, how about this little cutie?

Personally, I prefer something a bit more subdued. Like this:

Hmmm...I really like that set. Boy's second birthday is coming up and he would love this. What? It's not my fault he blurts out Mama get coffee every time we pull into the Dunkin's parking lot. This set would be a hit. Coffee, tea, whatever. It's all good.

In the spirit of fun, I had to share this next table with you. In addition to loving blocks, I also love xylophones. I may or may not have scored a xylophone one Christmas after sharing my love on facebook. Oh sure, technically my son's aunt and uncle got it for him. This table is awesome!

So do you think any of these ideas could work for you? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Have some cool ideas for accessorizing with toys? I'd love to hear them!

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