Boys Wanna Have Fun, Too: Bedroom Designs for Teens

As promised in our blog bites post featuring fabulous rooms for teen girls, we're featuring some pretty amazing rooms for teen boys! We can't guarantee the kids will keep their rooms neat and clean, but maybe, just maybe, designs like these will inspire and motivate young men of style to at least maintain!

I love this first grouping for their cool, sophisticated style. They're not overdone and are suitable for a teen transitioning into adulthood. Black, gray, and white never go out of style and serve as the perfect neutral backdrop for any pops of color. Swapping out accessories, artwork, or accent pieces can give these rooms a new look when the time comes. The upholstered headboards work perfectly here, adding height and contrast that makes an otherwise cramped space appear larger. Handsome! 

Here's another room that uses a neutral palette. Adding in metals (like in the lamp and table above), this room features a sleek ceiling fan and bold initial! It also adds another neutral in brown and ivory tones. If you are one that would like to see a little more color, it would be easy enough to add an accent along the narrow wall stripe, with pillows and possibly with a minimal window treatment.  Of course all the teen boys I know would be perfectly content in this space, particularly since it includes the flat screen above the desk! Mmmh, would that make it tough to get homework done?

This next space looks more like a studio apartment to me (and maybe it is). With plenty of seating for friends, a workspace, a comfy bed, and a fabulous television, what teen would want to leave his room? Hmmm...might not want to make it this nice or his parents may never see him again!

I swear it's not just the Star Wars posters that draw me to this room, though they are pretty cool and add, I think, some needed color to the neutral walls. Still, I can't take my eyes off that daybed. Again we've got gray, but that pop of orange and varied pillow textures add life and energy. And who can beat the storage underneath? We can't see the window, but I'm envisioning a Hunter Douglas solar shade.... maybe even with remote control. You know how those boys love technology!

Okay, I'm bringing on the color now. Hello, bold! Great use of pattern here in paint, bedding, and pillows. So fun! I really appreciate this room because it was designed for a nine-year-old. Cassie from Hi Sugar Plum set out to take the "baby" out of her little boy's room. I love that upon the room's reveal, he exclaimed, "I feel like I'm 10!" How cute is that? And what a great reward for mom's hard work! That quote reminds me of my young 9-y.o. male client, who, when returning the bureau I refinished, asked, "is that a new bureau or did you just dust it off?" How old are they when, "out of the mouth's of babes" no longer applies?

This room definitely says younger to me, but the choices Cassie made were spot on. Some very simple changes to decor and accents would take this room to another level as her "little" boy enters the teen years!

Okay, you want bold? Here you go! Primaries are where it's at in this room! Definitely a boy's room, but I wavered on the age. What's your best guess? The color choices and some accessories lead me to think young, but other selections convince me that an older boy lives here. I kind of like that I'm not sure! And, I love the choice of banded roman shade, tailored cornice and the carpet! The banding on the shade seems to play off the patter in that rug. Smart. So fun!

I love this next one by Jessica Ralph. Classic and playful -- a great combination in my book! With blue and white, you can never go wrong and if you follow me for some time, you'll easily pick up on the fact that stripes ALWAYS catch my eye. This room is bold (stripes), mature (leather headboards), whimsical (Jonathan Adler lamp), crisp (linens), slick (fabulous pillows), and earthy (area rug). How could this seemingly minimal room pack so much of a design punch? Awesome.

This room might not be classic in the traditional sense, but it's adorable and bunk beds (even in modern styles) bring me back. So many patterns, textures, and colors make this room a standout. And hello? There are those polka dots again (you know I love those)! I love the rug, walls, and artwork. I'd be inclined to do a wide brown stripe on the chair though to make it feel more masculine. I think a wide stripe would balance well with the geometric pattern of the rug, which I love!

A nautical inspired theme can go overboard (pardon the pun), but not here. The wall-mounted ships are beautiful and really grab the eye. Keeping colors simple here allow those ships to really stand out. And tied in with the drapery colors (love the stripes to offset the bedding), they really bring the room together.

I'd love to hear what you think of these picks for boys' rooms. What do you like to see in designs, especially for teen boys? While young women tend to jump right into the process, young men are a little slower to warm up. But they definitely have strong opinions, likes and dislikes. It's all a matter of helping him articulate his vision. So tell me, would your boy be happy with designs like these?

Thanks for reading; look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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