Blog Bites: Bedroom Designs for Discerning Teens

There's just something about working on a teen girl's room, helping her make that transition from a tween (or in some cases, little girl) space to a more grown-up place to call her own -- all while capturing her own personal style and without losing the fun! This edition of blog bites features some gorgeous bedrooms designed for teens. With such a fantastic array of designs, it's easy to see the style and personality behind each young woman. Can you imagine who's living in each of these spaces?

Our first post comes from Denise Willard at Dream Design Live. Love the title: "Girly Rooms to go Gaga Over." That's for sure! There's some serious eye candy in this post; you won't be disappointed!

Many young girls love bold prints and color. My young nieces agree; to them, this room is "cooool"! The investment in white is what keeps me loving this space. It works great to soften the bold. The mural is something young girls can get involved in too ~ great party idea (make up some stencils and let them have at it!).  Just enough fun, but a great place for homework too need to twist arms to get summer reading done with a window seat like that!

Source: DreamDesignLive       Designer: Unknown

This room is just gorgeous. Sophisticated, elegant, and sure to transition this young woman into young adulthood. The diamond paper creates such a dramatic backdrop so that headboard really takes center stage! The navy is quite chic, too! I must say though that I wish I could get in there to add a memo board behind the desk in a fun color and pattern. Don't you think that would look fabulous?

Source: DreamDesignLive     Designer: Unknown
I really appreciate this next one for its use of traditionally girly colors in a sophisticated way through the window treatments, headboard, and bedding. Check out the artwork, too. Pops of pink and purple add to the fun while black accents and leather (hello? love that piece!) ramp up the sophistication.

Amanda Nisbet, original source: House Beautiful

Laura Casey of Laura Casey Interiors features more beautiful rooms that, in her words, feature "great color combinations that can transition through the ages without losing any personality." Agreed!

Elegant, and a little bit preppy (to my eye anyway), and playful wrapped up into one room! I can't take my eyes off of those panels -- the gorgeous blue draws your eye up; bringing a sense of height, minimizing the angle of the ceiling! The playful butterflies, chandelier, and area rug make it clear that this is a young lady's room but the smart design with the neutrals throughout make it more sophisticated so it won't be outgrown.

I'm back to pink again with this next room. And yes, there's a lot of pink! I can't help myself though, it catches your eye! The wall color can be perfectly described as "bubblegum" and think really, what young girl wouldn't want that? 

In the next post, Brooke Giannetti takes us through the process of designing her daughter Leila's room. At ten years old, Leila was ready for a more grown-up room. And while she's not yet a teen, I think you'll agree this bedroom will carry her well into her teen years and beyond.

Brooke tells us that the design started with the area rug, which Leila spotted at Anthropologie and loved. That set the tone for the room and wall color choice. This room is definitely a gathering place with tons of comfortable seating (and super plush pillows) for friends.

And to remind us that this is a bedroom designed for a ten-year-old, a series of her own artwork adorns one wall. You know I love to see kids' art incorporated into design so you must know I fell in love with this wall! They can be rotated out as she creates new pieces -- a surefire way to allow the room to grow along with her.

Designing a young woman's room can be so much fun, but what's even better is seeing her excitement at the final result. What about your tween? Is it time to style her space with some sassy grown-up appeal?  As a parent or a designer, it can be easy to fall in love with certain elements and want to infuse our own design preferences, but the best room designs come about when we allow tweens freedom to express their own sense of style.  

I know, I know, you're thinking "what about the boys"?  Boys like nice things too and boys have definitive likes and dislikes just like the girls.  I grew up with eight brothers so I definitely know this to be true!! Stay tuned, there will be a special post delivered real soon that will be "all boy"!
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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