Birthdays and Everyday, Go Playful with Polka Dots!

A funny thing happens after the age of 30. Birthdays become more and more nostalgic.  Instead of wanting to go out and party to ring in your new year, there is a tendency to reflect and think about some of the best birthdays you ever had.  Maybe its a form of denial, trying to push back the aging process and hold on to youth.  Whatever it may be, today is my birthday, so how ironic that I would be ready to publish my polka dot post on this day.... and it is nostalgic for me. 

And yes, I'm over 30 but that is as much information as I'm going to give regarding numbers!

Polka dots are one of the oldest motifs in design. They've adapted through the ages in size, color, and scale.  Whether you're decorating your living room or a child's bedroom, there is sure to be a place where a pop of polka dots is the perfect touch.
Photo: DecorPad (Designer: Sally Markham via House Beautiful)
I have always been attracted to polka dots. One of my favorite dresses as a child was navy with white polka dots.  I wore it the day of my surprise birthday party...... surprise to my Mom that is!

I distinctly remember sneaking off upstairs and pulling a chair up to the phone to make my calls.  One by one, I called my all my friends and told them to come on over to my party..... that same day! 

I'm ashamed to admit that I also dinstinctly recall asking them not to forget to bring a present.  Cut me some slack though, I am child #12... both parties and presents were few and far between
in a family of that size. 

My sister overheard me and ran to tell my mother.  It's so funny every time I think back on it.  Mom was not at all thrilled with me but I was tickled pink, with a smile from ear to ear as she raked my hair into ponytails and got me gussied up in my navy and white polka dot dress!  She wasn't smiling, but I was, while "I'm having a party, I'm having a party.." was the constant, ringing melody going through my mind.

So even now, many years later, I'm still attracted to polka dots .....

Whether it's shoes....
P.S. you may want to block some time to review Amy's site.
By far, one of the most creative, amazing photographers I've ever seen!!
Photo: Alta Alta
(Designer: Joseph Ribkoff... many, many years ago I worked as a sales rep, selling his line)


or pretties for our pets, ...

polka dots, in moderation, always catch my eye and make me smile!

How boring would this bedroom be if we eliminated the polka dots? That green and white makes the space so much more fun and lively, don't you think?

Photo: My Home Ideas (Photo: Jean Allsopp)
Keep them two-tone for a tailored, retro look or go multi-colored for a bit of whimsical fun.

Photo: DecorPad (Designer: Sarah Richardson)
Go bright and lively when incorporating for kids.  For children's space, bright and bold is most always met with approval.

Photo & Design: Lewa's Designs

Its the reason why this fabric was such a hit for me in my shop.

Polka dots are not just for kids... though I preface this with my own disclaimer:  because they are such a bold statement, I most often prefer polka dots kept to one or two elements in the room. Overdoing it can spoil the fun!

To my mind and eye - as much as I love the pattern - it is best reserved for accents.  A side chair or ottoman is the perfect place for a spunky polka dot print. 

Photo: Traditional Home
(Architect and Designer: Tom Stringer)

Photo: House Beautiful (Designer: Krista Ewart)
If you have more than one place that you would like to use polka dots, repeat them strategically, such as tastefully incorporated in this bedroom. The polka dot is repeated on pillow sham and lampshade; just enough whimsy and impact without overload.
Photo: DecorPad (Designer: Amanda Nisbet)
And if you think polka dots in your interior can not be sophisticated, think again!  Take a look at the use of the dynamic dots in this next group of images I pulled for you.

OK, I admit, this first one does cross over to the "overdone" category, but even still it illustrates a look that is more sophisticated.  It's such a cool photo, I had to find a way to include it!

This next room from Coco+Kelly is the epitome of sophistication.  It takes true skill to pull off black, white and polka dots with such outstanding results.
Photo: Decor Pad (Designer: Simon Kelly, Coco+Kelly)

The addition of polka dots to otherwise plain space creates dramatic appeal, as both of the next images illustrate. 

Photo: Decor Arts Now

Photo: Decor Pad (Designer: Kohler ?)

And then there is drama.. sophisticated, bold, drama!

What are your thoughts? Can you fit a few polka dots in your decor for a bit of fun and youthful whimsy? I have a great personal memory tied to my affection toward polka dots.  What about you? Any playful polka dot inspiration in your life?

While you think on that, time for me to enjoy the birthday cake Ed made me!  With or without the polka dot icing, I'm sure it will be delicious!

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