Stick 'Em Up: Have You Thought About Decorating with Decals?

When you're a kid, it's hard not to love stickers. There's just something about them--delightful to trade, wear, or simply admire. But alas, you grow up. Lucky for us, so have stickers!

Decorating with decals is fun; and with an array of options to fit every budget, it may be just be worth it to give it a try. The best part? They're easy to remove so you you can try a new look and they are easy on your walls! They're great for those interested in making a change but fear taking the plunge with a major commitment.  But do not fear tacky...there are some really fantastic and sophisticated options.

Sure, many people immediately think of kids' roooms and I'm sure you've probably seen tons of options for using decals in nurseries and children's rooms. This one here is pretty adorable.

ducduc™ modern kids

But decals have gone chic, modern, and even retro; there are options to meet the needs of every room in your house. Here, decals add interest in oft-neglected corners, creating some great impact and even surprise.

blik Chandelier Wall Stickers

No one does decals better than the uber-talented Interior Designer, Vanessa De Vargas of Los Angeles.  I love her colorful and eclectic designs. You can see what I mean by visiting her site and perusing her portfolio. I absolutely love how Vanessa used this chandelier decal as a focal point for a canopy bed. Great balance of sophistication and whimsy!

Vanessa De Vargas  bedroom

I'm loving the headboard illusion created by this decal, too. So simple and yet adds visual weight and interest.

Venice 5  bedroom
Photography: Lloyd Rosen

A great source for wall decals is the Australian company, Interior In Style.  Here, utensil decals spice up a modern kitchen.

My 20-something neice fell in love with this next one! Way to transform a blank slate to sophisticated, inspired by the colors and textures of nature. The wall decals in this room add more energy and playfulness. The options for switching them out to create a different mood are endless and can be a great low-budget, high-style solution for apartment dwellers and renters!

I just had to share this one, too. Want to have a little fun with your walls? Let them do the talking with these conversation bubbles. Just don't let them sass you!

And if that didn't get you, how about these wall writeables?  I encourage you to check out the site because there are some other really cool options in this category, such as a chalkboard calendar decal that would be great in an office.

And finally, I have a give a special shout out to my friend Tammy Tant of BG Custom Windows. Tammy has created one of the most high-end designs using decals we've seen.  A post on her blog, In Stitches, features an amazing cherry blossom tree decal she installed in her bedroom. Would you believe each blossom is an individual decal? Not for the impatient! The results? Gorgeous!

Photos: In Stitches

Behold the finished masterpiece (and I don't know about you, but I'm kind of in love with the whole bedroom. Definitely check out the additional pics in her bedroom redo post!)

Have you begun to think about new ways to personalize space that you previously thought of with limited options? How about some smaller spaces like entryways, powder rooms, and mudrooms? There's literally something for every room in your home to match your style. While I don't advocate for decals in every room, I do think they can add some great style in the right dose.  What do you think, are they for you or not?

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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