Color Your Home with Feng Shui

Color and its effect on our mood and well being is one of the most basic tenents of Feng Shui. Each and every color touches us in a different way and makes us feel a different energy and emotion. The principles that come from Feng Shui and Color are perhaps some of the most useful, because they reach beyond our homes to our offices, gardens, and even our clothing choices. Whether you are looking to create a room to inspire creativity or a serene, restful retreat, planning your decor decisions around Feng Shui's color principles can be essential to achieving a succesful space both aesthetically and spiritually.

Feng Shui colors are based on the basic elements of the world: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of these elements encompasses different values and emotions and should be used together to create a harmonious home that touches on all of the moods and energy that comprises a person's daily life.  Let's look at each of these more closely, along with some room designs that represent each element as well.

Water elements bring about a refreshing and pure calm. In a room full of water colors, according to Feng Shui principles, you should feel tranquil and at ease. Shades of blue represent water; they are peaceful, healing, and relaxing. When used in more vibrant and deep shades, watery blues can also channel the sea and sky and represent adventure, exploration, and wisdom. Use these hues in bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries, and as a ceiling color alternative to white. 

Fire elements bring about passion, motion, and energy in the home. Success, action, and hard work are all inspired by colors such as red, orange, pink, and deep yellow. These colors are useful in rooms where you'll be working for career achievement and recognition. Fire colors, patricularly orange, bring a sense of organization, concentration, and purpose. Use reds, oranges, and yellows in your home office or kitchen desk area for a renewed energy and vigor toward work and life. Watch out for using these colors in excess, though. They can cause anxiety and restlessness if used in overabundance or in the incorrect room, such as a bedroom.

Earth elements are strong, stable, and protective. Beiges, sands, and pale yellows are earth colors that nourish the soul and make you feel grounded and balanced. Use these colors in the center of your home; they'll make your kitchen and main living areas feel balanced, warm, and centered.

Metal Elements bring sharpness, precision, and clarity of mind.  The clear energy of metal colors like gray and white is best used in main entryways and home offices. Metals are pure and efficient so they make an excellent accent color to almost any of your Feng Shui color schemes.

Wood elements represent health, prosperity, and growth. Shades of brown are rich, nourishing, and balanced. Green is the color of healing and growth. These elements are best used in libraries, living rooms, and family rooms to bring vitality and well being to the entire family.

Black is not an element of the earth but represents wealth, power, and emotional protection. This is a good accent color in any of the many living or working areas of the home, especially when paired with the Metal colors of white and gray.

Purple is a Feng Shui color of emotional health, spirituality, and creativity.  It is a good choice for bedrooms and any area of the home that might need a burst of creative juices and inspiration.

With the elements of Feng Shui as your guide, decorating your home with color will create a place that meets all of your emotional needs and places your energy correctly in each aspect of your life.
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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