Extreme Makeover: Upholstery Edition

Oh yeah, this chair was far past a race against time. Let's just say that time whooped this chairs'....well, you know.. *&^!

Let me ask, would you give this old beauty a second glance? Would you see the there existed a once-lovely heirloom beyond that tragically abused frame? 

Obviously left in the elements, this poor gal was destroyed by sun, water and temperature. The wood was totalled, paticularly along the framed trim that so beautifully lined the outer edge. 

So happy my client had vision!  She had this gorgeous fabric and all she could see was how fantastic this chair would be newly-dressed in Kravet's Tilbury from Laura Ashley. 

Having trouble seeing it?......

Does this help?

I could see it too and was pretty pumped to bring this beauty back to life.

I admit though that I wasn't so sure the wood along the outer edge could be salvaged. That was my only hesitation. I was sure the legs and base could be revived. On with it, I'd deal with the edging as we got to it.

So it began... Extreme Makeover: Upholstery Edition!

We dug right in, tearing off the old fabric and removing the mildew infested layers of batting.  Yeah, it was pretty nasty!

Clearly it had been quite some time since someone lost their penny. 

No, I didn't keep it.

The beauty of this chair was not just in its shape but moreso, in the intricate detailing of the base and legs.  Refinishing the wood was something I was really looking forward to.

This front detailing was so great...you just don't see this anymore!

The wood is finally stripped! Next, is the additional clean up in the scrolled. fluted and floral areas. 

and some fine sanding and the new finish can be applied.

Finally, the chair is ready to be rebuilt: springs retied, corner joints tightened, wood filled,final finish, all new padding/batting and then finally the new "dress"!

Voila!!! It was time to bring her back home. Don't you love it?

And take a look at the wood edging.... faaabulous!!  A little patience, a little love, and this old beauty is back!

We're happy, the chair is happy, the client is happy.  Welcome Home, old beauty, welcome home!

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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