....And the Winner Is?

Well it is that time, Halloween, the day I promised to reveal the winner of my Blog Commenting Contest.

First, let me announce the entry prize.

The respondent who received 5 additional entries was Marie O for her comment,

"I happened on your blog because a friend recommended it on Facebook. I was disappointed that there was no "About Me" link where I could learn more about you and your blog. Please consider adding it!"

I loved the fact that she provided such honest feedback of such great value, not only to myself but also to and for the readers.  I will never know how many other people have visited my blog, or a readers blog for that matter, and felt the same disappointment.  Marie brought to light the realization that many readers may not click through to my Google profile or to my website to read my profile there. It was a point well taken, and if you click through to my site, you will see that I've already responded with a "temporary" About Sarah

In 2nd place for value-added comments, was Finishing Touches, who received one additional entry. Her comment that provided a mini-design lesson in response to my Turquoise post:

"There are 2 photos that stopped me in my tracks-The Kensington House and the Phoebe Howard photo. It is their subliminal details that take the symbolic meaning of the color turquoise to the next level of design. In the Kensington House the soft ripple effect of the sea is played off on the headboard, the exquisite ripple fold sheers, and the soft curves of the furniture. In the Howard room, the mirror sets the tone with the scallop edges which is then reflected in the valence across the room. Colors not only inspire a room, but they can inspire our selection in the details we choose."

Now, on to what you were all waiting for.  Just who is the winner of the $200 Visa Gift Card?
I used Random.org to select the winner but I also solicited assistance from a colleague from the Custom Home Furnishings Industry to draw the winner.  [For those of you who might like to feature your own contests on your blog, this is a great tool - a true random generator - and is used commonly across the blogosphere].

Thank you so much to Merlyn Corcoran, for selecting the winner!  Many of you know Merlyn as the "Wizard" or "Mother Hen" - one respected for and looked to for her infinite knowledge. Noone can touch her, with her legendary stats of having provided more than 20,000 value-added posts to the CHF forum! I couldn't think of anyone better to select the winner for me.

And..........THE WINNER IS....KAREN!

Karen left the comment:

"Every year for the past twenty we've been getting together on July 4th weekend with several familes. The group has grown in numbers with dates and fiances so we decided the following: Everyone had to bring their own chair for the weekend, but it had to be one that you found or was given. You were not allowed to purchase one. In addition, you had to create a Haiku about the chair. The Haikus provided an evening activity with many, many laughs. One newly-engaged couple recovered their chair with a beautiful silk fabric, others gave their chair to a friend, and others used theirs for firewood in the bonfire. All of the chairs had a 'second-chance' that weekend."

Karen, please contact me with your mailing address so I can get your gift card sent right out to you.

Thank you so much to all who participated. It was great fun and I really enjoyed reading your comments!!  I hope you will continue to visit my blog and leave me a note or two to let me know how I'm doing.  I want to provide information that is fun, informative and meaningful to you. Your comments and conversation are the only way I can be sure I'm staying on track.

Karen, congratulations to you again.  Please get in touch with me so I can have the gift card sent right out to you!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

~ Sarah
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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