Blog Bites: Getting Tuft with Your Upholstery?

Need we talk about the sophistication and elegance tufted furniture can bring? This classic, tailored, and certainly timeless look adds polish to any room. Read on about this week's three featured blog posts and let us know which pieces you love!

Upholstery is a large part of my business and re-designing, shopping for or viewing furniture that has been built utilizing the finest in upholstery craftsmanship is just as exciting to me as shopping for shoes is for many women.  In upholstery, one of the hallmarks of a master craftsman or woman is their ability to produce fine tufting.  That being said, blog posts that focus on the art and beauty of tufting definitely catch my eye... and so the three posts I'm about to share certainly have! 

Florida interior designer, Jade, of Jade N. Timmerman Interiors, featured a great post, Tufted Love, on her blog, Flip Flops & Pearls Design, earlier this month. Here are a few gems from her post.

Done in leather or done with out the tufting, this would come across as a very masculine piece.  The all white body, nail-head trim and tufted back however give it refined elegance. It becomes a take-me-anywhere sofa that can be dressed up or dressed down. Imagine how fantastic this would look in a sitting room with boldly painted or papered walls?

And who wouldn't love to have a seat at this elegant dining table? I much prefer upholstered over wood chairs for elegant dining and these absolutely fit the bill! Don't they look so comfortable and inviting?  Take to the sofa after Thanksgiving dinner?  No need, with these chairs there is no desire or need to get up!

I love this eclectic corner! It brings great energy in what might otherwise have been a cold or secluded spot. A few pops of color is all it required to draw your eye to the coziness of that tufted settee.

The very talented and dear, Wanda S. Horton, a North Carolina designer I have been blessed to get to know through our social media connections, was inspired to feature tufted furniture in her post, "A Little Imagination Goes a Long Way" after checking out the Horchow website. I love her borrowed quote from Horchow: "tuft love -- with more dimples than a roomful of toddlers." How fitting is that?

What is especially brilliant about this post is that Wanda featured the same tufted frames upholstered in alternate fabrics - utilizing different accents and in different spaces, illustrating just how unique a piece of furniture can look according to individual taste and selection. Wanda says it best: "...the same upholstery frame, treated with different fabrics and room settings, can spin you into so many design directions."

While both of these pieces exude an air of sophistication, this first creates a more stately (and as Wanda notes, "perhaps expected") feel and the second oozes modern sleekness.

blue sofa

What to say about this next one, but "Wow!" Gorgeous leather, amazing detail. Tradition tells me I should sit up straight in these rooms, but the sofa makes me want to put my feet up and lie down!


Wanda promises we'll hear more from her about tufted furniture, so keep your eye out for that. She's a lady of great style herself and always showcases the most gorgeous in design!

The third post comes from Tracery Interiors. This headboard, a custom piece in linen designed for an Alabama home, was inspired by a page the client tore from Southern Accents. Comfortable and sophisticated! See -- tufting doesn't have to mean stuffy.

Original inspiration:

Photo by Tria Giovan for Southern Accents

Tracery Interiors used this chair from Lee Industries (upholstered in white sailcloth) in a little girl's room. Divine! What a special place for her to sit and read or snuggle with mom or dad.

Ever considered a tufted ottoman? This one says "sophisticated casual" and offers fantastic extra seating or space for playing games or serving cocktails and apps. I love the versatility of a piece like this! And I recently had a reader who commented on another post with a question on what to do about lack of table space in her living room.  I had suggested ditching the side tables and opting for one large table that could serve as both a coffee table and ottoman. This is exactly what I had in mind!

So tell me, what do you love about tufted pieces? What are some of your favorite ways to add tufted furniture to spaces? At Storibook Designs, we love the timelessness of tufting. Because when you adore a piece for years to come, isn't it worth every penny?
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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand

Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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