CLASS: Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

The other day, I received an inquiry about the upcoming CHFA Marketing Course I am teaching. If you too are like this business owner and feel "you need to wrap your head around marketing" this 8-week program will help you do that!!

As a business owner myself, I know that one of the challenges we (business owner's) face, lies in translating marketing concepts to an actionable plan for their individual business. Marketing to YOUR Model steps away from a one-size-fits-all approach and mentors business owners in developing a marketing plan that is specific to their company model.

Beginning March 25th at 9am, and for eight weeks following, you have the unique opportunity to participate in this series of small group sessions, incorporating questioning, virtual role-play, group dialogue and homework, so that each student is able to develop plans to their specific business needs. As your PERSONAL MARKETING COACH, I will keep you on task and hold you accountable. With shared support, knowledge and encouragement, you will experience the undeniable POWER of a personal mastermind group.

To answer some questions as to what will be covered, here is a partial list of content areas:
  • Defining YOUR distinct value proposition
  • Traditional and Social media marketing strategies
  • Direct and face-to-face marketing strategies
  • Websites, blogs and newsletters
  • Logo, Branding and Collateral
  • Contracts, Correspondence and Communication
  • Reaching out: Resources and Strategic Partners
  • Continuous Content Creation
  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • SEO and tagging tricks to increase your exposure on the web
  • Creating YOUR strategic marketing checklist and action plan
Remember, its 8 weeks X 2 hour classes (+ follow-up coaching calls). In a word: ..... INTENSIVE!

You will be guided through a process that allows you to dissect your business model and use this to create a simplified and actionable strategic plan. The end result: Your marketing plan will be about reaching YOUR ideal client base, with messaging and imaging that is unique to your individual business.

There is a reason why Pepsi and Coco-cola have their own marketing strategy, branding and messaging: they are unique businesses with unique value propositions. A consumer may initially think they are interchangeable.... but their marketing tells a different story. You are not just another small business, it is much more than your business name that differentiates you from your competition. You don't want to be singing the same song or branding the same jersey as your competition either then, do you?

To coin a phrase from American Idol, "Make it your own."

Differentiate your business from your competition and/or colleagues business in everything you do. Say it and Show it! Tell your own story. Have your own look, your own message,your own brand. Stand out above the crowd!

Sign-up and mark your calender! I guarantee you will be blown away by all you will learn and I'd love to have you join us.

If you have any questions about course content, scheduling, access to recordings, etc., please do not hesitate to ask.

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