The Designer in You: Creating Custom Textiles

Do you love the idea of a one-of-the kind look? Then you will LOVE this!

Did you know that you can design your own textiles to use in your home? Afraid you can't handle this on your own? No problem, that's where your designer comes in. With the help of your decorator or designer, you have the option of having custom designs printed on fabrics. Even if you're pretty convinced you don't have a creative bone in your body, you can create YOUR OWN fabric.. that's right, your design, your fabric! Awesome.
A child's artwork, a family crest, or reproduction vintage textiles can all be done pretty easily these days to create truly unique designs. I've put together a list of some exciting companies that are taking "one-of-a-kind" to a whole new level!

first2print has a very large selection of fabrics your designs can be printed on. And with low minimum orders (as little as ½ yard), there's no need for a huge commitment. Pricing is approximately $150 yard plus set-up design fees, and turnaround time is about 3-5 business days. Checking out the company's website, this room caught my eye! Very funky repeated soda can tab in the bedding, pillow, window treatments, and backdrop! And look closely at the pillow tuck where the tabs repeat. Nice touch. Playful and yet grown-up! Imagine the possibilities in your home; a seemingly mundane, possibly overlooked object can take on a whole new life. Start looking at things with new eyes. Is there anything you'd love to see on custom textiles?
Dream Fabric Printing has a very large selection of fabrics your designs can be printed on, including poly, silk, cotton (and eco-cotton) and nylon. It appears that the minimum is 5 yards. Pricing is available upon calling and the turnaround time depends on complexity of job. Have an artistic significant other, child, or friend? Consider how artwork translates into textile design like this one here. 

hand-painted art by Christina Mekjian, textile artist

KarmaKraft prices range from $20 to $32 per yard with no minimum order. While time frame information is unavailable on the website, I can only assume it depends on job size and complexity. KarmaKraft features tons of images of customer designs, including this serene fabric.
"The Clouds" by DeAnna Claudette, image via KarmaKraft

Spoonflower uses quality quilting-weight and upholstery-weight cottons. Once again, there's no minimum order with prices ranging from $18 to $32 per yard. The website also has a "shop" feature for purchasing other customers' designs. Though that's obviously not the point of this blog post, I couldn't help but lose myself in a little browsing. Spoonflower also hosts customer contests, and this week focuses on paisley. Check out some of my cute finds!

 Paisley Two by Nikki Robb

Tweet Paisley by Antonia Manda

Fabric on Demand prints on cotton, poly/cotton, duck, fleece, and suede. Prices appear to range between $17 and $26 per yard with minimums as low as one yard. Look at these cool chairs from the site's customer gallery; you certainly can't take them too seriously with that upholstery! I am in love with them! What a great way to give a new life and personality to chairs that might otherwise feel too formal.

Have you ever considered using custom textiles for storage bins or liners, hamper liners, or even ironing board covers? How cute are these? Get creative!

Adaptive Textiles has a broad market coverage, including home furnishings, apparel, and soft signage. I first saw this line at the trade show for the Custom Home Furnishings Academy back in 2004.  As many of you know, I do teach for the Academy and I do know the founder of this company.  My teaching and our relationship however have no relation to their inclusion in this listing.  I would be remiss if I excluded them, as they are leaders in the industry. If you've been in my workroom, you have seen some of Adaptives' work.  My gridded table cover was printed by them.

Gridded Tablecover by Adaptive Textiles
The company uses direct pigment printing supported by the world-class DuPont™ Artistri® service operation. A prime feature of theirs is that there's no minimum order! Standard turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks after strike-off approval, but express orders can be accommodated with fees applied. The website itself also has interactive designer feature that lets you  use stock patterns and color palettes to create your own look; easy to lose track of time with all the playing around!

Have you ever created custom fabrics like these with your decorator or designer? Feel free to share links with pictures of your finished fabrics too!

If I am introducing you to a totally new concept, have your wheels started turning? What might you like to see in your own home?

In case I haven't told you enough, I love hearing your feedback and receiving your comments! So please, let me know what you think! If you're not convinced you want to tackle this on your own, no worries, I'm here and I'd love to facilitate the process and help turn your vision into reality!

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