Decorative Trims: Have You Considered the Fringe Benefits?

To continue with my focus on window treatments, I thought I'd take the time to go through some of the options you have in decorative trims -- and you will see throughout this series, the options are endless!  It is very common when clients think of window treatments, to limit those thoughts to fabric and style, as well they should. But often overlooked are the trims and embellishments that can infuse a major "wow" factor. 

Trims on window treatments can have a great effect on the overall impact of a room. In some cases, it can truly complete the room. Different decorative trims can, of course, create different effects -- classic, traditional, glamorous, bold -- you name it!

To get us started on this trip through trims, I thought I'd start with fringe -- a place where options abound! Many of my clients cringe when I mention fringe. They think they don't like it; for most, it's because it conjures up images of an old great aunt's home. But once I show them some of our amazing trim collections, we begin to open up the imagination; they can see it on lampshades, window treatments, get the idea!

While it's true that fringe isn't for everyone, I'd like to show you fringe in a whole new light! Tassel fringe, shown in these next images, is the category I sell most often, because the range of offerings is so broad. Take a look at the white tassels on the lead edge of these drapery panels. Do you see how it softens the look and makes these panels so much more interesting than if finished without that detail?

A simple solid is given an entirely different look by breaking the panel horizontally. Gorgeous and elegant.

A brush fringe is a cut fringe that forms a flat skirt comprised of thin yarns. Here's a great close-up!

Samuel and Sons brush fringe

In this next image, I love the brush fringe on the draperies. While they certainly complement the bedding and headboard (which I love, don't you?), they also add a sense of warmth, comfort, and softness in what could have been a too stark, white room. Picture the draperies without that trim; it just wouldn't cut it... it would have been boring... a word we never want associate with our design and decor!

I love the incorporation of fringe along the hem of these relaxed shades. It softens the look and makes these shades a bit more relaxed and certainly more fun.

(we'll be talking about this hardware in a future post too!!

What do you think? Do you cringe at the thought of fringe? [hmm, sounds like a bit like a Dr. Suess line.. definitely not intended]. Let me know if you're feeling fringe love right now.

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Craftsmanship: custom artistry by hand
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